Surveillance: Services & Training, Mexico & Latin America

Surveillance is a complex subject and it is important to understand the key differences between the various surveillance services offered within the private sector. Titan can help you to understand the world of physical surveillance in the private sector through clear  explanation of surveillance terminology. We can further help you in making an informed decision about meeting your security objectives through the application of the most appropriate surveillance service for Mexico and Latin America.

Hostile Surveillance Awareness Training, Mexico and Latin America

Your business premises or your staff could be subject to hostile surveillance for a number of reasons. It may be the pre-cursor stage to the conduct of a crime such as a robbery or a kidnapping, or to gather intelligence on your company with a view to gaining a competitive edge. No matter what the reason, Titan can help to make your organisation’s key personnel surveillance aware and provide skills that will allow them to either deter, detect, disrupt or counter a hostile surveillance attack in Mexico and Latin America.

Our surveillance awareness training was designed by one of our consultants, an expert with over 15 years of experience as a surveillance operator, planner, trainer and mentor to military and government agency surveillance teams. If you are concerned about hostile surveillance being directed against your personnel, assets or business, Titan can provide your company with the means to mitigate the risks. Our one-day Hostile Surveillance Awareness Training seminar includes:

  • Understanding surveillance terms and terminology
  • Susceptibility and vulnerability to hostile surveillance
  • Capabilities of hostile surveillance entities
  • Composition and functioning of a professional surveillance team
  • Deterring, detecting and countering hostile surveillance
  • The importance of observation and the projection of visual control
  • Introduction to the surveillance training courses and services offered by Titan

Training of Surveillance Teams, Mexico and Latin America

In order for physical surveillance to be covert, effective and ultimately successful, requires teamwork of thoroughly trained and highly motivated individuals who demonstrate a natural aptitude for this type of work. Any willing and able-bodied person can overtly follow another person or a vehicle, but not anyone can impose surveillance whilst remaining undetected to the person being followed, or to remain undetected to any third party in the immediate surrounding area of the surveillance activity. This requires specialist training in a controlled environment.

Titan has the ability to identify, pre-select and train appropriate individuals and teams in the specialist area of covert surveillance. Bespoke training courses can be designed to train personnel in vehicle surveillance, foot surveillance and a combination of the two, often referred to as mobile-foot-mobile (MFM) surveillance. To complement the surveillance skills taught, Titan also offers modular bolt-on courses in static surveillance through teaching the skills of urban and rural observation post (OP) techniques.

Surveillance Deterrence, Mexico and Latin America

Surveillance deterrence is an overt method and is all about trying to mitigate hostile surveillance activity. It is very different from the more specialist area of surveillance detection, a covert method, and the two should not be confused. The concept of surveillance deterrence is to paint an unwelcoming picture as possible to the hostile surveillance adversary, in conjunction with a visual projection of an active attempt to expose surveillance. The key objective of surveillance deterrence is to make it clear to the hostile entity that the person, asset or business being surveilled is not an easy or desirable target, with the aim of making it more probable that the adversary will either abandon its plan or move on to a more susceptible and vulnerable target.

Titan’s two-day Surveillance Deterrence Course can train your firm’s security staff in effective surveillance deterrence techniques through a combination of classroom based theory presentations and field based practical exercises.

Surveillance Mapping, Mexico and Latin America

In order for a hostile surveillance entity to be effective in gathering information or intelligence on a person, asset or business, possibly as a pre-cursor to conducting some form of criminal act, requires the hostile adversary to be familiar with the surroundings in which it is carrying out the surveillance. Pre-selected fixed vantage points are positions that a hostile trained surveillance operative will use in order to observe their chosen target whilst trying to remain undetected.

Vantage points can be located, assessed and plotted out by a surveillance detection professional by performing a service called surveillance mapping. Should you wish to know the potential hostile surveillance vantage points around your business’s site and facilities, or even at the residences of your key personnel, Titan can provide this invaluable service. Alternatively, we can train your security officer or security representative to be able to identify and map out potential hostile surveillance vantage points.

Surveillance Detection, Mexico and Latin America

Surveillance detection is a service provided by a physical surveillance trained specialist, in an attempt to covertly determine if hostile surveillance is being conducted against your key personnel, assets or business. The surveillance detection specialist will gather general information on the hostile surveillance entity such as routine and times of the surveillance activity, locations and vantage points being used to collect the information, appearances of the adversaries, actions being taken by the hostile surveillance entity and any correlations between the hostile entity and your personnel, that is to say, those individuals perceived as being potential targets for the hostile surveillance. If the problem of hostile surveillance is confirmed, a solution to the problem must follow, usually in the form of surveillance deterrence measures.

If you suspect that your people, assets or business is susceptible to hostile surveillance, or that hostile surveillance is possibly being conducted, then Titan can provide a surveillance detection specialist to either confirm or deny your suspicions. Whether or nor hostile surveillance is being carried out, we can provide you with solutions to actively deter hostile surveillance from being conducted against your business, making it highly probable that the hostile surveillance entity will abandon all attempts and move on to a more vulnerable and softer target.

Personal Surveillance Detection (PSD), Mexico and Latin America

Personal surveillance detection, also known as anti-surveillance, is a skill taught to an individual in order that they can attempt to identify whether they are under hostile surveillance from an adversary. Personal surveillance detection can be carried out on foot, whilst out and about walking, or from a vehicle. It can be conducted overtly or covertly, and there are specific reasons, advantages and disadvantages as to which method would best suit your particular circumstances.

At Titan, we offer a three-day classroom and practical based Personal Surveillance Detection course, that covers an introduction to hostile surveillance and the means to detect and evade it. This is a fully interactive and enjoyable training course that will provide you with an invaluable life-skill, that in addition, will also enhance any existing preventive security measures being taken.

Counter-Surveillance (CS), Mexico and Latin America

Counter-surveillance is a follow-up measure that can be taken once hostile surveillance has been detected. This service essentially turns the tables by conducting covert physical surveillance on the hostile surveillance entity, in order to gather detailed information on the adversary. Counter-surveillance is often carried out with the objective of an investigation leading to the collection of evidence for a legal outcome. This service is usually carried out by at least two covert surveillance specialists with detailed knowledge of hostile surveillance activities.

We can provide counter-surveillance specialists to complement your investigative process.

Additionally, we can provide customized training courses to suit your specific requirements for Mexico and Latin America. Contact us to discuss.

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