Security Training Mexico

Titan Resilience help to ensure the security of our clients’ staff members and families through the provision of training that helps to mitigate the risks to which they are exposed. We frequently deliver our standard Security Awareness training courses, and also provide customised training packages to suit our clients’ specific needs.

Security Awareness Training Session Mexico

Our Security Awareness Training Session is aimed at executives, expats and their spouses and families who live and work in Mexico and wider Latin America. The seminar is designed to introduce your staff members to the security risks to which they are most likely to be exposed, and to provide preventive security advice to lower the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime. Case studies are used to reinforce learning points. The training session typically includes:

  • Threat overview
  • Situational awareness
  • Preventive security guidance
  • Specific guidance on driving
  • Extortion
  • Kidnapping
  • Responding to a criminal adversary

Defensive Driver Training Mexico

Arguably the greatest risk to an individual’s daily routine is the commute between fixed locations such as the home, office and school. When you drive defensively, you are aware of potential threats and hazards and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to mitigate them. Our two-day defensive driver training course is designed for both executives who have to self-drive, and non-professional and professional drivers. The course is informative, practical and user-friendly and provides participants with the tools to identify and handle threats they may face while driving. The DDT comprises both classroom theory training and hands-on practical training and covers the following areas:

  • Driving customs and the law
  • Key fundamentals of defensive driving: observation and road positioning
  • Route planning and alternatives
  • Vehicle check-points, road blocks, detours and escape routes
  • Worse case scenarios and actions-on
  • Know your vehicle: basic and emergency equipment and changing a tyre
  • Reversing at speed – with and without mirrors
  • Reversing with cones and specialist manoeuvres
  • Managing threats
  • Driving practical – in both urban and rural areas

Latin America Travel Security Training Mexico

Organisations have a duty of care to ensure that business travellers to Mexico and the Latin America region are adequately prepared from a security standpoint. The purpose of this preparation should be to reduce the likelihood of security related events occurring, and to reduce the impact of such events should they materialise. Some of the issues that travellers may face are express kidnapping, car-jacking, mugging, illegal checkpoints and searches, and physical violence. Our course uses the knowledge we have gained through living and operating for over 20 years in Latin America, including more than 15 years in Mexico.

Titan’s Latin America Travel Security Training course is designed to acquaint and prepare business travellers and expats to the nuances and potential risks of travel to the region. The training includes:

  • Threat awareness
  • Planning your trip – guide to pre-travel activities
  • Airport security – do’s and don’ts
  • Transport considerations – options and pitfalls
  • At the hotel – feeling secure in a safe environment
  • Dining out – enjoy without becoming a medical statistic
  • Personal situational awareness – observational techniques, identifying threats, effective decision making
  • Driving – vehicle security, road hazards and potential risks
  • Managing checkpoints – legal and illegal
  • Corruption and bribery – understanding associated liabilities and implications for the business traveller
  • Extortion and kidnapping – characteristics, coping and avoidance
  • First Aid – medical emergencies, precautions and appropriate responses
  • Policy and processes – incidents, responding to emergencies and access to appropriate support

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