Protection Services Mexico

Covert Protective Services Mexico

Many high-net worth individuals or senior executives of large corporate organisations do not want an overt protective security presence when attending business meetings, conferences or public events. At Titan Resilience, we understand the concern the client may have and our approach to this problem is to provide an ‘invisible’ security presence. Our security team personnel are disciplined and professional and highly trained in surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques. They are experienced at blending in to any surrounding, whilst maintaining a high level of alertness and protection around the client.

Mobile Security Services Mexico

We can provide protective security services to help ensure the security of staff and other assets. These services typically include airport “meet-and-greet” and secure transport for executives and visitors to Mexico. We can discuss other countries in the region on a case-by-case basis. If there is a direct threat involved, we can discuss a complete executive protection package. All vehicles on task are monitored 24/7 using the latest tracking technology from a state-of-the-art comprehensive operations control centre in the heart of Mexico City. Should the need arise, drivers, security agents and operations control staff have the ability to alert the authorities in order to deploy assistance anywhere across the whole of Mexico.

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