Case Studies

Case studies of recent engagements carried out by Titan Resilience in Mexico and across Latin America.

Security Risk Advisory Services – Mexico

We were required to provide a team consisting of a Security Risk Advisor and two Security Coordinators to work with a documentary film crew that was visiting Mexico from the US. The documentary crew had to film in some of the higher risk areas of Mexico City and its environs, as well as inside a jail. Our role was to accompany the filmmakers on all shooting and to advise on risk management. After a week of extensive shooting, the film crew completed its task and left Mexico without incident.

Physical Security Assessment – Mexico

Our client, a manufacturing business, had several plants situated in areas where the security situation had deteriorated significantly. A very serious security incident close to one of the plants prompted the client to engage Titan. Our consultants were required to conduct a physical security assessment of two plants in rural Guanajuato state. We assessed the capability of existing security measures to operate as a system and thus deter, detect, delay, and ultimately deny the success of a criminal adversary. Our client was provided with a thorough assessment report that highlighted vulnerabilities in the current set up and gave prioritized, cost-effective recommendations for enhancement.

Incident and Crisis Management Planning and Preparation – Mexico

Our client, a Canadian manufacturing business with operations in Queretaro and Ciudad Juarez, wanted to prepare its Mexico leadership team to manage incidents and crises at a plant and country-level. Our consultants, working closely with the country and regional leadership team, developed plant level incident management plans and a country level crisis management plan to aid them in achieving this. This process included developing the incident and crisis management protocols and capturing them in a concise, but effective plan, helping the client to identify the most appropriate managers at each level to participate in the incident and crisis management process, and then training them in their respective roles. This engagement finished with the roll-out of the plan to all incident and crisis management team members, and then a table-top test exercise to ensure that everyone understood their role.

Covert Protective Services – Mexico

Our client, a US company with a global footprint, sent its CEO to Mexico for a high-profile event in a very public location. While there was no specific threat and the CEO did not want overt security, there was a requirement for a discreet security presence. We provided a highly qualified and experienced consultant who was discreetly in the background throughout, although the CEO was barely aware of his presence. Our consultant’s primary role was to detect anyone who was taking an undue interest in the CEO and to report such interest to the security team, also operating in the background. The visit passed without incident and our consultant was complimented for his professionalism and especially his ability to blend into the background.

Route Security Review – Colombia and Peru

Our consultants were required to travel to Colombia and Peru respectively on behalf of a client that was planning to invest in infrastructure projects in both countries. Before investing, the client wished to better understand the existing security infrastructure at each project location, and any potential security vulnerabilities. Initially, our analysts conducted a threat analysis of the wider area in each project location and our security risk consultants conducted a complete review of existing security measures at each project location, identifying areas of vulnerability where existing measures were not sufficient. This allowed the client to insist upon a number of enhancements before it completed its investment.

Risk Management and Crisis Management support – Argentina

Organisational changes are often complex in Latin America, exposing businesses to security risk and potential incidents and crises. Our client was planning on closing a manufacturing plant in Argentina and expected a militant union to potentially occupy the plant and also target other manufacturing facilities belonging to the client. We deployed to help the client enhance physical security at its plant to prevent an occupation. We also worked with the client’s crisis management team in planning for a number of scenarios that might materialise and then helping them prepare for the management of each. The plant was closed in due course and, while there were strong objections from the unionised staff, a plant occupation was avoided and the client managed the situation with no long-term reputation damage or disruption of business activities.

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