Crisis Management Mexico

Not all risks can be prevented. The resilient organisation accepts that disruption may, and likely will, occur at some point. It has planned and is prepared to respond so that the business survives and even prospers as a result of the experience. The ability to manage crises and other business disruptions cannot simply be ignored until they occur, and, to that end, our Crisis Management Services Mexico help our clients to be adequately prepared. They include:

Crisis Management Planning Mexico

Not all business disruptions will be defined as crises, but those that do meet the ‘crisis’ criteria require a specific approach. The crisis management plan exists to facilitate a timely and effective response to a situation that threatens the strategic objectives, reputation, or even the existence of an organisation. That response should see the right people mobilised and provided with sufficient resources to allow them to make informed decisions and manage the crisis effectively. We work with our clients in Mexico to fully understand their organisational culture and structure in order to develop a crisis management plan that works for them.

Crisis Management Training Mexico

To avoid what has been called ‘dead plan syndrome’, it is important that any crisis management capability is understood by the organisation’s leadership and embraced, especially by those responsible for managing a crisis. This process is aided by introducing the crisis management plan to those with a responsibility for managing crises and training them in their respective roles. Our tailored training courses in Mexico are designed to ensure success in this area.

Crisis Communications Planning Mexico

In the modern age of mass communications, a key element of crisis management is communicating with stakeholders to ensure that, amongst other things, they understand the steps that are being taken to manage the crisis. At Titan, we work with the organisation’s crisis management team in Mexico and corporate communications specialists to ensure that they are adequately prepared to manage communications during a crisis situation.

Crisis Response Simulation Exercises Mexico

All organisations change, and it is extremely unlikely that the crisis management structure will remain untouched by this. To ensure currency, we recommend that the crisis management team is reacquainted with the crisis management plan on at least an annual basis. We can do this by conducting simulation exercises that test the crisis management team and its ability to respond, identifying good practice and making recommendations for enhancement where appropriate.

Crisis Response Mexico

Should the worst come about, and an organisation finds itself in the middle of a crisis, we can assist in managing the response. It is often useful to have a fresh and independent perspective and we would typically embed with an organisation’s crisis management team and provide strategic and tactical support in the initial and ongoing crisis response process.

Titan’s approach is based upon extensive experience working with both corporate and local crisis management teams throughout the crisis management cycle, including investigation and fact-finding, identification of information requirements that are key to decision making, support in the crisis decision making process, stakeholder mapping to develop a stakeholder management plan, development and implementation of mitigation measures, and the development of a crisis communication message for relevant stakeholders.

Additionally, we can work with an organisation during the post-crisis review process to identify areas for development.

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