About Titan Resilience

Headquartered in Mexico City, Titan Resilience specialises in security risk and crisis management services in Mexico and across Latin America. We provide tailored solutions to mitigate key business risks and enhance organisational resilience.

Titan Resilience

Titan Resilience was established in Mexico City in 2016. Our aim is to support our clients in the enhancement of their organisational resilience, specifically in the areas of security risk management and crisis management, allowing them to operate more securely in Latin America.

Titan has two partners who, between them, have more than twenty years of experience managing security operations in Latin America, and much more experience globally. They are:

John Kewell

John Kewell

Managing Director


John has been based in Mexico City since 2009 and has extensive experience of supporting corporate clients in the management of their security risks across Latin America. His early roles in the security risk management sector were as regional director of Latin America for two of the largest security and crisis management companies in the world.

John started his professional career with ten years of service in the British Army, He was commissioned into the Parachute Regiment and saw operational service in Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, and Iraq. On leaving the military, John then spent five years in British Government service. It was this last role that brought him to Latin America where he spent three years working from the British Embassy in Bogota, Colombia.

Paul Ashton

Paul Ashton

Director of Operations


Paul has been based in Mexico City since 2012 and spent three years in Colombia prior to this. He has an extensive military background, starting with four years of service with the British Royal Marines, followed by 25 years of service in the Special Boat Service (SBS) of United Kingdom Special Forces. Paul has served on operations around the globe, including Afghanistan, Bosnia, Colombia and Cyprus, as well as four years in Northern Ireland on covert operations.

Prior to starting with Titan and entering the private security risk management sector, Paul worked from the British Embassy in Mexico City as manager of a bi-lateral security capacity-building project between Mexico and the UK. As such he had responsibility for the recruitment and training of personnel, along with the planning, management and coordination of all operations across the Republic of Mexico.

Titan Resilience Security Consulting and Services Mexico:

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